Brian Castellani, Ph.D.,

Director of Complexity in Health Group



Research focuses on complexity science and its implications for sociological inquiry, specifically in terms of health and health care.  Teaching focuses on three issues: complexity, globalization and critical/scientific thinking. Recent courses taught: statistics (data analysis and lab), researching society, sociology of health and health care, special topics course in complexity science, individual and soceity, global social problems, and sociology of mental health.

Ph.D. in medical sociology from Kent State University in 1997

M.S. in clinical psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in 1992

B.A. in psychology from Kent State University in 1988

With the Ashtabula Campus since 2005

Director of the Complexity in Health Group, Robert S. Morrison Health and Science Building, Kent State University at Ashtabula.

Additional positions include (1) Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and (2) Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Kalamazoo College.

Examples of Recent Publications:

2010    Castellani, B. "A Review of Mind and Society: Special Issue on Social Simulation, Volume 8, Number 2, 2009." Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation,

2010    Hafferty, F. and B. Castellani. The Increasing Complexities of Professionalism." Academic Medicine, Flexner Centenary Issues, 85(2): 288-301

2009    Castellani, B. and F. Hafferty.  Sociology and Complexity Science: A New Area of Inquiry. Germany: Springer (280 pages).

2006    Castellani, B. and F. Hafferty. "The Complexities of Professionalism: A PreliminaryInvestigation."  In Delese Wear and Julie Aultman's (Editors)) Professionalism in Medicine: Critical Perspectives. Springer: New York.

2004    Castellani, J. and B. Castellani. "Data Mining Process and Analysis Strategies for Special Education Technology Decision-Making."  In D. Edyburn, K. Higgins, & R. Boone (Editors), Handbook of Special Education Technology.

2003    Castellani, B. J. Castellani, and S. Spray. "Grounded Neural Networking: Modeling Complex Quantitative Data." Symbolic Interaction, 26(4): 577-589.

2003    Castellani, B. and J. Castellani. "Data Mining: Qualitative Analysis with Health Informatics Data."  Qualitative Health Research, 13(7): 1005-1018.




The Complexity in Health & Infrastructure Group is located in the Robert S. Morrison Health & Science Building, on the campus of Kent State University at Ashtabula.

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